KAS #2 – Best practices on Generative AI

26 APRIL 2024


KAS #2 – Best practices on Generative AI
11:00 AM CET

This is the 2nd episode of the Knowledge Accelerator Series on Generative AI — a dynamic format where, in the true spirit of Eurapco, we’ll be sharing insights and best practices about the fascinating GenAI world.

In this second episode, Alexander Petzmann (Group Data Excellence Lead at UNIQA) unveiled the secrets of real-life best practices of Generative AI, specially crafted for the dynamic landscape of the Insurance industry.

What is this second episode about?

  • Exploring GenAI’s Applications
  • Real-Life Insurance Use Cases
  • Live Demo: GenAI in Action
  • Calculating ROI for GenAI
  • Out-of-the-Box GenAI Solutions
  • Navigating Responsible AI Practices

Each episode, expertly presented by one of our Partners, provides insights into the different uses this new technology is bringing to our lives and work.

Please note that the webinar is only available for employees of the Eurapco Partners.

We look forward to seeing you online in the Webinar!


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