Design Thinking Programme

Nov. 4 to Nov. 5 2024
Apply until: 23 Sept. 2024


Design Thinking Programme

The Innovation Design Thinking Programme has been developed to provide you with a unique online international experience and the opportunity to learn and exchange views and innovative practices with international colleagues from the Eurapco Alliance.

The programme is an experience, during which you will be introduced to the concepts of design thinking and rapid prototyping.


The Innovation Design Thinking Programme is held from November 4 to November 5 (2 days duration).


Berlin, Germany


Fee indication: €1,000. 

Excluding travelling costs and VAT.


On-site meeting.


Programme Details

What will you learn?
  • You will experience a new way of working in design thinking. 
  • Experience rapid prototyping as a concept that can support innovation at your home company.

Who can participate?

The Design Thinking Programme has been designed for individuals who are interested in working with the design thinking concept. It is not solely aimed at people who are working in the innovation departments, but also people in the business itself. Since the programme is conducted in English, good business knowledge of the English language is essential.

How and when can I apply?

You can apply by using the ‘Apply’ button on top of this page. By applying we assume you have approval of your manager.
Reale Mutua employees are asked to contact the Reale Mutua Academy first, as they coordinate the applications of Reale Mutua employees.
You can apply for this programme until the application deadline as mentioned above. If you apply after the deadline, we will do our best to put you in the programme. If that is not possible anymore, we will put you on our list of interested candidates for a next stream.


Day 1

09:00 Welcome and Introduction to Training
09:30 Intro Design Thinking principles and process
10:15 Quick Team Building
10:30 Intro Challenge & ”Understand”
10:45 Group work “Understand”
11:15 Coffee break
11:30 Intro phase “Empathize” for needfinding
11:50 Group work Research Plan
12:15 LUNCH incl. execution observation methods
13:15 Re-cap needfinding, deepdive into ”design thinking interviews”
13:45 Group Work: Experience prepared interviews (videos to gain insights)
14:00 Intro phase “Synthesize”
14:20 Group Work Synthesize
15:00 Coffee Break
15:15 Group Presentation of Opportunity Areas & discussions
16:00 Intro Ideation
16:15 Groupwork: Formulate HMW questions, evtl first ideation session
17:00 END of DAY 1


Day 2

09:00 Re-Cap yesterday and phase “Ideation”
09:30 Group work: Ideation sessions
10:15 Intro tool “Idea Selection Matrix”
10:30 Group Work Idea Selection Matrix
10:50 Coffee Break
11:10 Intro phases Prototyping & Test
11:30 Group Work Prototyping
12:00 Group Work – prepare testing
12:15 LUNCH incl. execution Testing I
13:15 Input Feedback Integration from testing
13:00 Group Work: Feedback Integration and Idea Iteration
14:00 Groupwork: Testing II
14:45 Coffee Break
15:00 Group Work: Feedback Integration and Idea Iteration
15:30 Group Work: Idea Napkin for final pitch
16:00 Group presentations
16:45 Wrap-Up and Goodbye
17:00 END of DAY 2



Satisfaction rate

“Out of my comfort zone into a great programme.”

Matthias Mösch
Swiss Mobiliar

“Really enjoyed that we experienced innovation by doing it practically. Interaction and engagement in the group was also fantastic!”

Johan Klinge